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Ljos Company Ltd
P.O. Box 30169, GPO 00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254-710-367-763

Are you looking to lead Africa's empowerment of the masses? We provide customized solutions which are deployable in any location where the Sun shines! Our particular interests lie in provision of Electricity to enable Rural Eduction, Rural Healthcare and Rural Agriculture. We believe that Electricity access in remote areas stands to impact the lives of those that need it most - thereby bringing us closer to achieving our Millennium Development Goals and also offer the greatest growth potential.

We work with your teams to understand your Energy-related and Overall requirements. We dialog and interface with your preferred development partners specializing in Water, Medical and Software platforms, which are critical to comprehensive Off-grid systems.
We compile your needs assessment, search for suitable structures, plan size, layout and dimension of plants. We perform Solar Yield simulation based on several ground- and satellite-data sources. We ensure that project Costing vs. Yield estimation provide you with suitable Financial metrics (IRR, ROI, NPV, Payback, etc.).
If required, EOS calls upon highly experienced Credit partners, Insurers and Equity Investors to tailor a package towards your Financial situation.
We have a tight portfolio of partner suppliers who we call upon to ensure that we obtain the best quality/price mix. Moreover, securing a long-term, comprehensive Warranty is top on our priority list, for your peace of mind.
We lead all steps in the construction phase, ensuring precise logistics from suppliers to local customs, importation, transportation and storage. We are proud to have world-class Engineers, Technicians, Architects and Craftsmen to lead the entire project from Engineering to Construction to Handover. We ensure local relevance in ways of working and getting the job done perfectly.
Training of your staff on use of the Off-grid systems ensures more effective Management, fault-prediction and troubleshooting. We ensure that your staff are part and parcel of the System from day-1.
We pride ourselves in to-the-minute precise clockwork from our Project Management professionals. We ensure that you are continually kept updated on project status, risks and progress milestones.
EOS fully appreciates and prioritizes Yield management. Critical to achieving promised financial returns is thorough and data-oriented Operations Management and Maintenance. From Planned to Un-planned maintenance, we integrate Plant Management as part of our total offering.